CAAP-A family owned company with a 45 year history of allergy/asthma relief
For the past 45 years Canadian physicians have relied upon Medic Savoure for diagnostic and treatment allergy extracts,and for the past fifteen years have also been able to order environmental control products to help their allergic patients.
Recognizing the fast pace of change in medicine, and todays emphasis upon greater patient involvement in their own treatment, we created CAAP- Canadian Allergy & Asthma Products Ltd. The staff at CAAP concentrates on developing and marketing new environmental control products while remaining on the cutting edge of new medical technology and abreast of current developments wherever they occur. Meanwhile, Medic Savoure continues to supply allergenic extracts as we have for more almost half of a century. Medic Savoure & CAAP - separate companies, separate product lines, one overriding concern: efficient, professional service for the physician and patient, always